Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Parker's Passion by Sabrina York

Scarred by a long-ago crime of passion, Parker Rieth has dedicated himself to a cold, emotionless existence as a divorce lawyer. He is utterly unprepared for the effect Kaitlin Stringer has on his heart, mind and soul. Beautiful, ethereal and irresistible, she touches him in a way no other woman has. Though he has vowed to avoid her, he is drawn toward her.

Psychic healer Kaitlin is just what Parker needs to reconcile his past, to finally set old ghosts to rest, and to claim his destiny. Can he find the courage to step into Kaitlin’s embrace? Does she have what it takes to awaken his sleeping passion?

Parker’s Passion – Excerpt

As a girl, Kaitlin had trusted all of her instincts, followed every hunch. As a result, she frequently got into trouble, or annoyed her friends. Occasionally the neighbors. Her mother had told her—more than once—to grow up, that she was fanciful and overdramatic. And Kaitlin had believed her. She’d tried very hard to ignore the whispers—despite her bone-deep conviction they were real.
It wasn’t until she was twelve, and met her Aunt Cecily, that she learned the truth. “The Gift” ran in the family. Everyone was touched, although it had skipped Kaitlin’s mother. She’d gone so far as to move herself and Kaitlin to Seattle to get away from “the crazy.”
Aunt Cecily had explained everything. She’d helped Kaitlin make sense of the swirling sentiments, the overwhelming onslaughts, the knowledge. She’d given her tips and tricks to deal with, what her mother called “her condition.”
It had taken years for Kaitlin to come into her own. To be confident and strong. To learn how to use her gift for the best of all. If it hadn’t been for Aunt Cecily’s guidance, she would probably have been locked in a loony bin long ago. Now she accepted it as a part of herself, even if other people couldn’t.
Her mother still avoided her sometimes as though she had a plague.
A movement in the tree line ahead caught her attention and Kaitlin stopped in her tracks. A man wearing a white long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans—despite the fact it was summer—stood there, hands on his hips, staring up into the branches.
She recognized his aura.
How could she not? She’d thought about it all night long.
Timidity swamped her and, for a moment, she considered turning around and heading back to the house, but for some reason, her feet moved her toward him.
Oh, she knew the reason. She was drawn to him. In a way she’d never experienced before. Like filings to a magnet. And she wanted, ached, to be with him again.
He turned as she approached, and then did a double take.
“Oh. Hi, Kaitlin,” he said.

“Good morning, Parker.” She tipped up her head. “What’s up there?”

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