Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Doomed Voyage by Bill Russell

Adrift on the vast Pacific in a small boat with only a dim prospect of rescue, private investigator Toby Grant questions his wisdom in taking on such a whacky assignment. It sounded so easy coming from his natty little client. All he had to do was transport a bunch of supposedly phony diamonds across the ocean to Hong Kong as a decoy for the real shipment. In his mind, it was a chance for a free cruise and there was even a buck to be made. Who cared about the danger? Even Pam, his new wife cottoned to the idea. Turned out she was as big a thrill seeker as he. Now they are on an endless ocean in a leaking lifeboat, miles off the normal sea-lanes. Can things possibly get any worse?
Historical Detective Adventure


About the Author

Bill Russell

Seldom at a loss for words, but always willing to listen, Bill Russell’s fascination with the art of writing didn’t really come of age until his retirement in 2000. Since then he’s banged out six novels, scads of false starts, numerous short stories and a whole gob of cartoons for his other passion, greeting cards.   
The son of a career sailor and a wanna-be nurse, he was raised on the beaches of San Diego listening to sea stories and fearing a stomach ache. Nurse Russell only got as far as enema 101 in nursing school and thought it would cure just about anything. It sure cured complaining.
After a stretch in the Marines, he spent his working life in the deserts of the Southwest. He’s been a technical artist, draftsman, designer, air conditioning mechanic and contractor. Always a kind of gypsy, he’s lived in a great many places too; Hawaii, Los Angeles, Saint Louis, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Atlanta, Yuma and an eight-year stint in that summer playground, Death Valley.
Now he resides on the plains in the little city of Huron, South Dakota, with his new wife, Norelle, a life-long resident. Bill seems to have a fascination with the historical period from 1900 to mid century and that greatest of human emotions, love. Most of his stories feature love, action, adventure and history as a recurring theme, all presented on an authentic background, painted in broad strokes after research or through personal experience.

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