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Publisher Showcase - Class Act Books

Today’s publisher showcase is all about …
Class Act Books is a relatively new publisher, but from the books they’ve brought to us so far, they have a little something for everyone.

Tritomitian station owner Sarkin Trant has always known his great-grandfather was the illegitimate son of an Arcanian giarl, but he’s stunned when he learns a bizarre turn of events has made him the new Giarl of Craigsmere. With severe misgivings about leaving his home, Sar take son Hatch and Terran Katy and goes to claim his inheritance.

As Sar emerges into Arcanian society, his outspokenness, naivity, and provincial manners slowly but surely charm everyone around him, from the Craigsmere cook to the Margrave himself. He enthusiastically throws himself into taking over the late Lord Craigsmere’s duties, especially those of passing certain bills giving the lowest members of society more rights, while son Hatch finds himself fitting in with the younger nobility and discovering an intriguing love interest.

Though Sar’s political endeavors are succeeding, things aren’t going so well on the home-front as he spend more time away from Katy and more and more time at the government meeting house and attending dinners and social gatherings to gain support to get his laws passed. One of the people he meets in his outings is Meva du Thane, a predatory female intending to snare a noble husband. Only a giarl will do, and she sets her sights on Sar…but the scheme she concocts may prove be a disaster for everyone involved…

4 Stars Amazon review

“There is much to enjoy in this book, if you like historical romance its there, if you like psy-fi/fantasy it's there, if you enjoy a good giggle and maybe even a belly laugh or two it's there, if you enjoy drama it's there. Oh, what the heck, if you just like a good book, here you go, Ms. Blackstone delivers.”

Trixie Trident has a secret. Everyone knows she creates one of a kind jewelry during the day. It's what she does on her night job no one would ever guess. She's a tooth fairy. Not the tooth fairy, just one of many. It would take her whole life just to combat the many misconceptions people have about TF's. Like how nobody wears tutus or uses a wand. Or stands three inches high. Nope, Trixie looks just like any other woman in her mid twenties. And she'd tell people all of that stuff. If she was allowed to. But she'd sworn a sacred tooth fairy oath that she'd never tell a soul. And she hadn't. Except for her best friend, who would never breathe a word to anyone. Graham Keebler meets Trixie when she comes in his dental office as a new patient. He's had lots of single women patients before, but no one has ever sparked his interest like Trixie. What is it about her that's so unique? He can't quite figure it out, but he's determined to try, even when she turns him down for a second date. Trixie is attracted to Graham, like she's never been to any man before. Her insides purr just thinking about him. He's what she's always dreamed of in a man. And they even have the subject of teeth in common! But a relationship with the gorgeous dentist can never be. How could it? When she's a tooth fairy, and not only can't she tell him, he'd never believe her anyway. 

5 star review on Amazon

“This is such a great story! I was either laughing or at least smiling the whole time I read it.”

Jacinda keeps to her safe space doing investigative research, avoiding people and places with people. Her own conscience and morals force her to seek justice for women whose lives were ended. Tossed into the world of police work and murderers, she tries to help from a distance while protecting her own secrets and sanity. If she uses her unwanted ability to find the killer, will she have to give up everything again and run one more time? 
Jacinda clashes with the very strong, grounded detective, fate has thrown her to. At some point he begins to matter. Will he see her as a freak and look at her with abhorrence when she's through? She doesn't investigate people, can't get that close. But when someone she did know was murdered how can she not get involved. If you could see everything just by simply touching someone or something, wouldn't that be amazing? Or would it take everything away from you over and over again? 
"Because I have this ability to look at something and not see the same thing everyone else does." Jacinda Brown wasn't lying when she said that. Of course, she also wasn't going to explain that with just a touch, she could see everyone that had touched an object. Through her hand she could feel your emotions, your thoughts. A gift or a curse? She had worked too hard this time in having a home, having a life to give it all up again. She was done suffering through the side affects that often left her ill and weak. She had a normal life now, blending in completely undetected in her lonely existence. 
Would you be willing to give up everything, again, to stop a killer? 

When a fifth murder happens, Jacinda Brown makes the decision to use her gift to find the killer. She doesn't let herself think of how she's going to suffer afterward, the consequences that will curse her again, just thinks of stopping a killer. Is the price she'll willing pay for the ability she doesn't want.

5 Star review on Amazon

“So if you follow my blog, you know I love Jacqueline Paige as an author. This was a fabulous book and I loved it, but it was totally different than the Magic Seasons Series.” 

A native Texan, author Stacey Watts has a sharp eye for fascinating stories. A family-oriented writer, she pursues educating her young son, while keeping her media-savvy husband's ego in check. She combines her love of suspense, drama and intrigue into writing spellbinding stories of romance and passion.

5 Star review on Amazon

“If you love romantic mysteries, then this is the book for you! Author Stacey Watts keeps you wanting for more, as she guides you through her thrilling story.” 

We are of another plain. Our lives, seemingly never-ending. As strangers to your realm, we guard our knowledge firmly. Only by ancient covenant do few know our true natures. Tethered here by tragedy, we walk this world beside you, among you, loving you. Fear not our being. Fear the gods of your firmament and the overlords of this domain. They hold the keys. (The Wizards of Shilo Manor) ~ * ~ It's their nature - long lives and rebirth. They're from another dimension, one gifted with advance abilities, but they serve in Cornerstone Deep. They're the Wizards of Shilo Manor. They outlive the mortals of this realm by thousands of years, and when it comes to love the cruel fact is reinforced. Reincarnation doesn't exist on this plane. They lose their wives to death with no hope of reuniting. Yet they continue to accept others for whatever time they have together. Save for Cole. His love for his last wife still burns in his soul four centuries after her death. ~ * ~ My life is a mirage of endless time. But you in this moment engulf me, rivet my mind, encompass my heart. (Cole Shilo) 

4 ½ star review on Amazon

“A Fantasy, fantastic love story…” 

At nineteen, Lily Champion became a single mother. Having lost her own mother twelve years earlier and watching her father disappear into a gin bottle, Lily vows that her daughter will never know the fear and uncertainty Lily has known. With the help of her teacher and friend, Helen Shaw, Lily secures a decent job in a small central Ohio town and signs a lease on a house that she is renting to own. Life is taking a positive turn. But Lily has learned that complacency opens the door for disaster, and her guard is always up. She learns she could lose the house she loves and is terrified when confronted by the father of her daughter-a man who has never seen his child. As she struggles to determine the best choices for herself and her daughter, Lily realizes that she has lived her life on a rent-to-own basis, as well, and now it's time to take ownership. Falling love, however, was not part of her plan.

5 cup review at CTR

“Renting to Own is a wonderful emotion-filled read telling Lily’s story. They journey she embarks on is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster as well as a life lesson learning session.” 

Seth McGee has his hands full with his tomboyish daughter, Kate. He wants her married but she holds off marrying anyone, cherishing a crush on Cady. She dreams about this brown-eyed cowboy who rode off from the S-bar-M Ranch without a single word.

4 star review on Amazon

“A delightful story you'll long remember.” 

Jack Franks sat at his desk. His name plaque indicated he was the Chief of Police and his uniform denoted his position, but his daily routine seemed about as exciting as watching the grass grow on a hot summer afternoon.
He thought of all the episodes of Law And Order he’d watched over the years. Now those cops were doing real police work. They certainly weren’t filling in for the crossing guard or helping Maude Paul get her cat down out of the tree growing next to her porch.
It wasn’t like he wanted to have an unsolved murder on his hands, but he did want to do more than act like Barney Fife on the old Andy Griffith Show. His officers were good at catching speeders in the speed trap out on the highway, but they did little else to earn their salaries.
Jack heard the phone ring but ignored it. The office employed a secretary and that at least gave her something to do with her time every day. It’s probably another cat stuck in a tree. It’s nothing to get too excited about.
He went back to reading the weekly paper that came out yesterday and just made it to his desk this morning. The news was no different than it had been last week. Clara Johnson had her in-laws over for Sunday dinner so they could see the new baby and the Bradley twins celebrated their sixteenth birthday. Pete Brown’s daughter got married and Harley Sacks’ dog bit the mailman.
Rather than read anything further, he threw the paper down on the desk and was set to go out for a walk when the phone on his desk rang.
“I think you ought to take this one, chief,” the secretary said through the intercom.
Jack sighed deeply and picked up the receiver. “Franks here,” he answered.
“Jack, this is Al. I just went out to Storrs Lake fishing and there’s a man floating in the middle of the lake.”

5 star review on Amazon

“This was a wonderful story. I enjoyed reading it. The characters were truly captivating.” 

It isn’t easy being a Wizard’s Wife!

The Harmonic Convergence fast approaches and with it danger to the Earth and its people…

Cross the Magic Portal into Ais Linn, a dimension where unicorns roam and werewolves prowl… Where a faery wizard and his mortal bride battle the Lord of Dark Fire for possession not only of Ais Linn but of the Earth itself.

Newly-wed Megan McMuir would be the first to admit she knew little about her husband before they were married but the charming Irishman swept her off her feet, and every moment spent with him has been magical. More magical than she can ever realizes, especially after a chance meeting with old flame Siobhan Dubhtina forces David to make a startling confession:

“Megan, I’m a faery.”

And not just any faery but the Champion of White Fire, a Royal Prince, charged with protecting the Earth from invasion by Siobhan’s brother, dark wizard Exeter Dubhtina. Immediately, Megan learns nothing in the McMuir household is what it seems…starting with Ossian, David’s supercilious familiar, a drop-dead gorgeous fae with the sexist wings this side of the Emerald Isle, the fact that the house itself is really an enchanted magnolia tree, and a pair of faery in-laws who can’t accept their son has married a mortal. As if that isn’t bad enough, Megan learns she’s pregnant, and the baby will be a Halfling, a child with a dual supernatural-mortal heritage.

When the Convergence begins and David is recalled to Ais Linn, Megan braves the Portal’s dangers to follow him. Soon, she finds herself the Dark Lord’s prisoner, a pawn in the fight against her husband. The threat from Exeter Dubhtina is a deadly one: Surrender to me or your wife and unborn child will die!

David has sworn to protect the Earth. Will he break his vows or lose Megan and their baby?

5 star review on Amazon

“This story is a must read for every person that loves a Fairytale.” 

Between Heaven and Hell lies The Median. It exists as a place to direct souls to their next destination. When a person dies their life is measured for all its flaws and triumphs. People don't know about this though, they couldn't or they would alter their behavior. As far as the world is concerned The Median does not exist. The workers of The Median are people who work as drones to watch over the people of the world and document their behavior. They don't eat, sleep, have wants, desires or feelings. They blend in with every crowd, and are never noticed by ordinary people. Simon is the exception to that. One day he goes to a coffee house he's been to a thousand times and discovers the cashier remembers him when she shouldn't. Instead of reporting it he befriends the girl. Simon tries to convince himself that he can still do his job, and have a friend. But as his work begins to suffer, Simon begins to realize that maybe this is more than just a friendship. 

5 star review on Amazon

“This story is packed with details and creativity, but at its center is a tender, touching love story…”

A hundred years before, the villagers of Balleywalegh drove the vampire preying on their womenfolk from their midst…and that should’ve been the end of it. But now, it’s 1929, and the monster’s back. Or is he? Someone’s definitely occupying the abandoned manor house again. Karel Novotny has the same name as the former Undead resident but he’s much, much younger, and more up-to-date. He even drives a Stutz Bearcat! With his movie idol good-looks, he’s enthralled the local lasses, especially Seamus Flannery’s daughter Brigid. Seamus isn’t much for believing in vampires or any other creature of the night but he’s a little worried about the pale young man’s attention to his daughter. And when Brigid becomes suddenly and unexplainably ill, he has to make a decision.
Is Karel Novotny the monster returned or not, and if so, what will the good men of Balleywalegh do this time?

4 star review on Amazon

“This story was rich in description, and had me the reader on the edge to the last page to learn the secret.”

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